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December 29, 2020

Holidays as a Trucker

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Most jobs let you take time off for the holidays. You get time to rest and readjust during the break. Breaks are very needed in life, but being a trucker, you don't usually get time off like the rest of us. Spending the holidays as a trucker is very stressful and time-consuming. During the holidays is when most of the delivery needs to be done. Ordering gifts for Christmas, filling grocery stores with food for everyone's dinner table. Not taking time off is part of the job, no matter how stressful it gets.

Tips for truckers away from home during the holidays 

Tip #1 Video Chat with Friends and Family

While you might be away during the holidays, there are other ways you can enjoy time with your family. Call your family on skype or any other video chat platform. But, don't waste the Christmas holiday alone. Talk and enjoy the fun of Christmas. 

Tip #2 Bring the holidays with you

Play some Christmas music and add some Christmas decor to the inside and outside of your truck. Pack some extra holiday treats in your bunk, and make sure to get some Holiday scents to add to the holiday spirit. You can also stop at a nice restaurant for a great meal and even buy a hotel for the night. Either way, make sure to take care of yourself this holiday season.

Tip #3 Schedule flexible hours

Not every trucker has to miss the holiday season with the family. If you have a chance, you can even ask your boss to take breaks every once in a while to spend this time with your family. I know you don't always plan your schedule, but you can talk to management about changing it up a bit if you need more time at home. 

How to stay safe on the roads while driving during the holidays

Snow is bound to happen during the holidays, so you must always use caution while driving. You will have to go slower, watch out for drunk drivers, get the rest you need, and keep your tank full. Here are some more things you should watch for while driving as a trucker during the holidays. 

Use less lane changing

You will want to limit your lane changing during the winter. The chances of you slipping on black ice or even on hard snow are more significant when you are changing lanes. NOt to mention that you will have a lot of people driving during the holidays to visit families. You may also notice a lot more drunk or crazy drivers during the holidays due to celebrations. This is why staying in one lane is safer during the winter.

Always have a full tank before your next round

You don't want to be stuck in the snow without any fuel, and risking it is not an option during the holidays. If you drive with a low tank, you are risking your chances of getting stuck in the snow without anything to keep you warm. To make sure this isn't a possibility, always try to have a full tank at every stop. Even if you are half full, it's better to be safe than sorry, so fill up your tank. 

Drive slower due to winter conditions

I know you might want to get to your destination fast to get your job done and maybe even be able to make it home for a lovely holiday meal. But it's better to go back to your family in one piece than to make it about a half-hour earlier than you would have. Drive slow and be safe. There'sThere's a lot of black ice on the roads during this time, and if you're driving fast, you can't control your truck as quickly if you hit some.