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October 21, 2020

How Long is Truck Driving School

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So how long is truck driving school? If you are wondering how long it will take you to complete  trucking school, you’ve come to the right place. With ABL we can help you get your CDL in as little as 3 weeks. Typically a person studying for the written test for 1.5-2 hours a day, can be ready to pass the written test within 7-10 days. From there you will begin hands on training in a truck with a skilled trainer. This usually takes 2-4 hours a day for a week to prepare you to pass the driving test.

Truck Driver Skills

Before you go into the trucking industry, there are few truck driver skills you should know.

 1) Patterns

Write down your patterns. Make a list of what you do every day from the time you get up till the time you go to sleep. Make a quick list and be honest with yourself. Now see how much time is dead-time. Write down what you're wasting your time doing and your patterns of what you’re doing on a daily basis. And then put next to that how much money you’re making. You should know that once you jump into the truck driving industry, your patterns are going to be disrupted.  You need to be ready to handle the time commitment that comes with being a truck driver. Know that you’ll have to wake up early every day and drive truck in the winter, rain, sun or shine. 

2) Mind Training 

Another one of the skills a truck driver needs to have is to be able to train their brain. Train your brain to think in the present moment. If you pile on things that will happen next week or tomorrow, then you won’t get through it. Deal with everything in the present moment. 

3) Physical Health 

You need to change your physical health. Keep in mind that driving a truck requires you to sit in a truck all day. Change your lifestyle so you can keep your physical health intact while still being a truck driver.

4) Dependability 

If you say that you will deliver a package at a certain time, you need to make sure you stick to it. This skill is one of the most important skills a trucker could have. If you are not dependable, none of your other skills really matter. People need to be able to depend on you to drive the truck safely especially when truck driving in the winter.

Truck Driving Programs

In truck driving, there are three licenses you can get. Class A, Class B, and Class C. Because the trucking industry is rapidly changing, you should know that the lengths of the training are not always the same.   

CDL-A training

This course allows you to drive across state lines. Class A CDLS allows you to drive more vehicles freely that Class B and C need to be authorized to. 

3-6 weeks

With different schools, your CDL-A training can last anywhere between 3-7 weeks.  Instead of most training that take several months or years to complete, you can choose to take the CDL-A training in as little as 3 weeks. When you take it this way, you need to take a full-time training course that runs 5 days a week. That way, you can be a certified truck driver and be ready for a trucking job in 3-6 weeks. This program requires a full-time commitment. This program is about the same as a full-time job. You need 40 hours a week. Keep in mind that this heavy commitment may not work for everyone as they have other commitments they need to do in life, like a different job. 

3 months

If you want to keep working at your regular job and do this training part-time, then this program is right for you. This way, you can get all of your training done in 3 months if you push yourself. The length of this program does not stretch over days, but rather hours. Each school has different requirements for the minimum driving to complete the program. 

CDL-B Training

CDL-B training is very different from CDL-A training. The thing that separates CDL-B from CDL-A training is that this one requires you to drive heavier vehicles, for instance, a vehicle that could weigh more than 26,000 lbs. If you choose the CDL-B option, then your training will more likely be faster and less expensive. You can get your license with this program in as little as 7 days to 3 weeks. However, the career opportunities you have with this training are going to be lower paying than the CDL-A training. 

CDL-C training

The class C training is for people that want to drive vehicles carrying more than 16 people, like a bus. However, they also require endorsements. For example, if you’re going to be driving a school bus, you need to get a school bus endorsement. The training lengths vary depending on your school and state. 

So how long is truck driving school? Depending on the school, state, and the program, truck driving school can last as little as seven days, or as much as several months. By now, we know that you should be mindful when choosing which school you are going to so you can get in the time you want.

Deciding to become a truck driver is a big decision. Be careful to pick the choice that is right for you and can fit in with the time-commitments you already have. Remember that if you choose to comply with part-time, then getting your license will take longer than if you commit to doing full-time schooling. Keep in mind that although these are the most common lengths for truck driving training, they will still vary depending on the state and the school. 

Thank you for reading this article. If you are interested in working for a trucking company with your best interest at heart C.T.C Trucking is the place for you. We do our best to give you time with your family and happiness in your workspace. To apply for a job you can call us at (801) 461-9746 or contact us online.