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July 12, 2021

How Many Hours Can a Truck Driver Drive

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Truck drivers are constantly hauling loads to and from destinations, sometimes during the night as well. Without regulations on time allowed for a trucker to be on the roads, we wouldn't be safe driving to our destinations. A tired trucker is a danger to themselves and all other people driving on the roads. Due to the rules set by the United States Department of Transportation, full-time drivers aren't allowed to operate without mandatory breaks in between certain time limits.

How long can Truckers Drive

To ensure the safety of every trucker and all other drivers on the road, rules have been put in place for the number of hours a truck driver can drive on the road before taking a break. Because of these rules, a truck driver can not be on the roads for longer than 11 hours at a time, after which they are required to take at least a 10-hour break.

Do log duty statuses impact driving hours?

Making sure that every truck driver gets their needs is essential and is taken very seriously. This is why entering log book statuses is necessary for every truck driver. A logbook helps your boss understand and keep track of the number of hours you've been driving. Logs are usually taken using electronic records but must also be taken in a paper logbook in case of complications. By doing this, you and the person over you will know when you are required to take a break and how long they can keep you on the job. 

What are the driving limitations?

There are three types of specific driving limitations, the 14-hour driving limit, the 11-hour driving limit, and the 60 hours/7day or 70 hours/8-day limits. These will all be explained to you as well as possible to understand the limitations while on the roads. 

14-hour limit

The hours you are allowed to drive at a time is still 11-hours. However, the 14-hour driving limit is calculated along with the 11-hour limit. You see, you are allowed to go up to 11 hours at a time, but within that driving time, you need to take breaks like eating a meal, taking a nap, getting a shower, things like that. Because of this, there is a specific amount of time that you can take breaks and be on the road. This is called the 14-hour limit. 

11-hour limit

As we've mentioned before, the 11-hour limit is when you can drive on the roads in your truck. The breaks you take on the side are not included in this time limit. This is why you need to remember to take your logs. When you do this, it helps your boss understand the amount of time you've been driving vs. the amount of time while including your breaks.

60 hour /7day or 70 hours/8-day limit

While driving, there are limitations besides the following rules that we've gone over that must be followed, including the ones above. This is the 60 hours per 7 day period or the 70 hours per 8 day period. If you have been driving for seven days, you must stay at or below 60 hours before driving again. However, if you are operating within eight days, you will have a limit of 70 hours you can drive. If this is reached before the end of eight days, you won't be able to drive again until the following eight days.