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September 7, 2021

How to Find Local Trucking Jobs

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How to Find Local Trucking Jobs

So, you’re interested in becoming a trucker? You have all the necessary qualifications, or maybe none at all, but how do you pursue finding local trucking jobs in your area that will fit your lifestyle, with decent pay and benefits? Let's dive into how to find the perfect local trucking job for you. 

In Person

  1. Friends and Family

If you have any friends or relatives that currently work as a truck driver local to you or have worked as a truck driver in the past for companies nearby, ask them how they liked it! Once you get down to it, ask for some contact information and if possible, ask if they would be willing to give you a recommendation. This is a really powerful way to influence any potential employer, helping you secure a job amongst other candidates.

If you don't know people who are already a part of the trucking industry, try striking up a conversation with some of the folks at a local truck stop. Once you meet a truck driver be sure to ask them who they work for and how their job has been so far. Find out if they have any trouble getting paid, how they like their routes and miles etc. Another helpful tip would be to ask them who they would work for if they could pick any trucking company. If you hear an overwhelmingly negative response from a certain company then be sure to avoid it or apply with caution.

  • Phone & Paper

This is definitely on the verge of being outdated, but if you’re low on resources this is a prime and classic way to find trucking jobs. When you see print ads in the paper or phonebook be sure to give them a call. Ask if they have any programs available for you to learn or benefits offered for experienced drivers. Local trucking jobs near you will generally give you a quick run down over the phone of what they offer and what you can expect. If you find it’s somewhere you’d really like to work, ask how you can apply or suggest coming in for an interview if the timing seems right!


  • Social Media

Because it’s completely free and easy to use, many companies will post to social media about upcoming opportunities in the workforce. This is a great option because it can easily reach thousands of people for virtually nothing lost. Try following a few local company’s social media pages and check back frequently for each company’s updates.

  • Online Forums and Job Boards

Websites like Glassdoor and Indeed hold current job opportunities that you can narrow down to trucking position by using the search tool, these websites also have a forum section of their own, this in addition to other online forums can help you review other’s experiences with the same company. Going through an employee's past job experiences, pay rates, and company benefits can help you narrow down which company you should aim to work for if there are several local to you.

  • Search Engines

Using Google, Bing, or Yahoo is probably the most common way to begin your search for local trucking jobs. Searching trucking jobs will bring up national and local results near you. There may be a lot of information but once you sift through the top results you should have a few decent candidates!


Looking through several companies can help you find something that is likely to fit your situation. If you’re someone who doesn't hold a CDL, there are generous companies that will take the time to train you and walk you through the licensing process as you get your CDL or additional endorsements. This is extremely important for those that don’t have current experience or up to date licensing because it can become expensive very quickly and you may not have the necessary vehicle(s) to complete your practice driving hours. Having a company that wants its employees to succeed is something that will push you one step closer to your goal.

Here at ABL Trucking we offer all that we can to our employees because we know it’s YOU who keep us up and running. If you are interested in working for a local trucking company with your best interest at heart ABL Trucking might be the place for you. We do our best to give you time with your family and happiness in your workspace. To apply, fill out our online application, call us at (385) 722-7331 or contact us directly through our website! Hope to hear from you soon!

Happy Trucking!