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February 22, 2022

Large vs. Small Trucking Companies - Who Should I Work For?

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You may have decided to get your CDL and are now looking for work, or perhaps you're already a truck driver, but you're looking at different company options. Regardless of what brought you here, we'll give you the rundown of the pros and cons for both large trucking companies and small trucking companies so you can pick what will work best for you.

Larger Trucking Company


Because there's such a high quantity of workers, you likely won't face any personal issues with anyone. Your personal life will likely remain private, and you won't have to worry about anything directly targeted towards you. The pay will be pretty consistent and have a large pool of equipment you can use. There will be many customers and a variety of work if you get bored of the same old route. Another benefit is the structure is often already pretty well established, which adds to smooth everyday operations and defined job functions.


The disadvantages of working at a larger trucking company can be directly related to a large number of employees in a corporation. Often, you may be just another number, so to speak, someone replaceable rather than a person with a name and a unique set of skills. Having many co-workers can make it hard to get to know anyone personally or stand out amongst your peers. This isn't all bad, but one thing that will get in the way is your ability to get any kind of special recognition. You're unlikely to be recognized for any career perks. Doing an excellent job for several years generally goes unnoticed as that's your job. Aside from a few automated thank you letters each year, I wouldn't expect much in terms of a promotion. The only way you're likely to be noticed is if you've done a fabulous job beyond the likes of anything they've seen or if you've done a terrible job over several months or even years. Another disadvantage will be the lack of time and understanding given. If something ever does go wrong, don't expect them to take the time to listen to your side of the story. They more than likely don't have time and, quite frankly, won't care much either.

Smaller Trucking Company


Your company will count on you a lot! This can lead to quicker promotions, more miles, or an even better truck. The competition is limited, and you can be seen a lot more easily amongst the other drivers to show how valuable you are. Close co-workers can make for a better and more stable work environment where people genuinely care about each other. It's usually pretty simple to get to know their schedules where you can then plan your time around there if you're unable to work. The workloads are often better, with more familiar routes. You will have more one-on-one time with your manager, which can give you a chance to show him how much of an asset you truly are to the company. Being close to the ones over you can aid your ability to take time off when needed and open the doors to other compensation. When things go wrong in a small company, there's usually a reasonable amount of time spent hearing all sides and finding a proper solution. Going over what happened helps the company establish its routines and procedures for future operations. This patience and understanding make for a better overall work environment.


The cons of working at a small company are minimal, but no doubt there are some cons to consider. You will get to know everyone in the office over time, and they'll get to know you just the same. If you live near the office, you can expect people in your company will get to know your family. While this can be a benefit in some ways, it may be a slight annoyance in others. For example, those who wish their private life to remain private may have a more challenging time at a small company. Everyone may know everyone else's business essentially. Another disadvantage would be potential competition becoming personal. If you're given certain rewards for a job well done, this may cause problems with some other drivers. When you work for a small trucking company, you'll likely be one of only a small pool of drivers. As you can imagine, if there are only 10 drivers and you take time off, the company then loses 10% of their truck drivers. Knowing that you're relied on as an essential team member can make taking time off more challenging, but not impossible!

There will be advantages and disadvantages to any company you decide to work for, but fortunately there’s usually one with a higher ratio of pros to cons. Working for a small company will have people relying on you as a true member of the team much more than a large company so if you’re a hard worker, that might just be your best bet. Apply to become a truck driver for ABL trucking today. A small local trucking company looking to make a difference in the lives of those who help us complete a hard day's work.