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September 7, 2021

Top 3 Trucking Myths

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Debunking the top myths faced when considering commercial truck driving as your new profession.

1. Having No Time for Your Family

One of the top myths surrounding the world of commercial truck driving; you won’t have time to raise a family in the same way you would with a traditional 9 to 5 office job. It’s easy to assume that due to the nature of a long haul trucking job, you wouldn’t have the time it takes to devote your life to family. After so much time spent on the road it may seem that it can't be done. However, many drivers are home every weekend and can fulfil their family obligations during the time they are home. There are also policies in place that protect your schedule and the amount of hours you’re legally allowed to work. Essentially you can imagine a 9-5 job as the position that gives you a short break between work and family life each day. A truck driving position has longer periods of time between breaks. But it still offers the same necessary break. Most companies  follow a general schedule of 7 days of work, and 7 days off. A full week spent with family can give you more opportunities to create quality activities and time for projects and events, instead of only seeing your family in the evening after a long day of work. Having that time to unwind and connect with family is still intact, even when you take up truck driving as your profession.

2. Truck Driving is Lonely

Due to the long hours of driving from place to place, it can seem like a lonely profession. It can actually be quite exciting and social at all the right times. During your travels you will encounter many different stops. Some are just gas stations or rest stops but distribution centers as well as diners and food stops along the way. Each stop can feel like it’s own little adventure. Truck drivers tend to meet many different people throughout their trips and will even see the same people multiple times on repeated routes. Building a relationship over time with people along the way can be very comforting and give you a sense of community.

If that doesn't seem fulfilling enough, there are options to have a companion with you for the time you spend driving as well. Team driving is a partnership between two drivers that drive the same truck in alternating shifts to make better time on the road. This would give you a partner for every adventure you find on the road.

3. Truck Drivers are Overworked and Dangerous on the Road

A common stigma associated with truck driving is that truck drivers are constantly overworked, tired on the road, and subsequently create unsafe conditions on the road. This is almost never the case. Laws were put in place to protect drivers of both the trucks and other vehicles on the road. The law details how frequently meal breaks and rests must be taken to keep drivers from being fatigued on the road. In fact there are so many breaks and rest stops truck drivers have pushed for changes to be made to the law permitting them less break times. Whether you think the current laws are great or could be reduced, the great thing is that truck drivers are afforded the stops they need to function as a happily fed and well rested driver on the roads each day!

It’s also said that truck drivers can be reckless attempting to speed through a route more efficiently. The truth is that this is extremely impractical. Many drivers receive bonuses and rewards through their company for following the guidelines given by laws and policies and procedures given by the company. While speeding will quite obviously make the vehicle go faster it can actually result in a less efficient route, and here’s why; Speeding has the potential to cause an accident, any collision big or small takes far more time to evaluate and worth through than simply going the speed limit, this also will result in delays for the cargo the driver is hauling and likely a not so happy boss since a trucking accident is far more expensive than the time it could have saved to speed through a route. Additionally, speeding puts your vehicle in the position to burn gas. Most truck drivers will get a feel for their vehicles and will learn exactly where the “sweet spot” is (typically around 65mph) to get the most miles per gallon. When you speed, you sacrifice the amount of mileage you could have completed on your trip for more frequent gas fill up stops. This will impact the ultimate amount of time spent on a given route so much so that speeding simply isn't worth the time or the danger. 

Become a Commercial Truck Driver Today

Once people see the potential income paired with the reality of how rewarding a truck driving job can be, it doesn't take much to decide it’s the path you want to take! If you are interested in working for a trucking company with your best interest at heart ABL Trucking is the place for you. We do our best to give you time with your family and happiness in your workspace. To apply for a job you can call us at (385) 722-7331 or contact us online.