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December 21, 2020

What is a Straight Truck?

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Have you ever heard the term straight truck and semi-truck used within the same conversation? Yet, you don't quite know the difference? Semi-trucks and meant to be taken apart. At the same time, straight trucks are built with a permanent bed. For example, if you were to see an ice cream truck driving down the street, it is safe to assume that that is a straight truck because the truck's bed can't ever be taken apart. Semi-trucks need to be able to leave their vehicle's bed at stops if they need to take a separate load. This makes it a lot easier to get multiple shipments done. However, if you plan to drive a straight truck, you can plan on staying at your stop until the full cargo has been unloaded. 

What is the difference between the tractor truck and the straight truck?

A tractor truck is meant to take shipments to and from destinations. They can usually drop off loads and take a new trailer bed to start their next shipment. Tractor trucks are generally big because the trailer's weight is typically hefty, requiring a good motor.

Straight trucks are still used to drop loads off. However, they won't usually need to carry very heavy loads. They are used by movers, small convenience stores, ice cream trucks, and small businesses needing delivery options, such as cake bakers, catering companies, and party planners. Straight trucks can also be used to deliver small loads that are too small for a tractor truck. 

Is the wage around the same for driving a straight truck versus a tractor truck?

Most people don’t think of driving a straight truck when they think of trucking. However, driving a straight truck is an option if you aren't interested in the bigger trucks. The wage you might receive is very different and can range from high to low depending on your plan to use the straight truck. If you plan to drop off deliveries, much like a tractor truck, you probably won't be receiving the same wage because you cannot ship as many products. Most tractor trucks can take four straight truckloads within one drive, making them the best option for most companies.

Interestingly enough, though, some companies only need smaller loads delivered and will usually have a straight truck on hand in order to save on money and gas. Sending out a massive semi for a small load isn't very smart when it comes to saving money in your business. In that case, the wage could be the same but, because the straight truck isn't used as often, the amount of money you earn for driving only a straight truck might not be worth it for you unless you can find multiple companies that need a straight truck on hand. In which case you will be able to make a lot of profit. 

What size is a straight truck?

Straight trucks will actually vary in size. Most straight trucks are built-in with their job in mind. For instance, an ice cream truck might be smaller than a moving truck, and a caterer truck will most likely resemble a cake delivery truck. But they are all built with their intentions in mind. 

Why do some trucks prefer a straight truck to a tractor truck?

Usually, if you plan to drive a straight truck, you won't have to have a CDL driver's license. You are making them easier to obtain. This is because most straight trucks won't go over the 26,001 lbs limit. Truckers consider this truck over the semi because most straight truck drivers get to be home with their family almost every night. Most truck drivers will get many benefits because of how crucial they are to our modern world society. Drivers who choose straight trucks to semis also choose them based on their safety rate and they’re technically easier to drive than a tractor truck.